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Adobe Learning Manager is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) with its own unique Fluidic player for unified playback of most eLearning content types Leia mais sobre o Adobe Learning Manager
O TalentLMS é um LMS criado para o sucesso do treinamento. Fácil de gerenciar e agradável de usar, as equipes adotam o treinamento desde o primeiro clique. Leia mais sobre o TalentLMS
O SAP Litmos LMS é um pacote de aprendizado contínuo, baseado na nuvem, criado com a experiência do aluno em mente, para envolver os usuários com uma funcionalidade de aplicativo intuitiva e semelhante à de consumidor. Criadores integrados de cursos, avaliações e relatórios são avançados e simples de usar e os cursos podem ser monetizados com uma... Leia mais sobre o SAP Litmos
360Learning combines the power of an LMS with the speed of Collaborative Learning, empowering L&D teams to drive culture and growth. With 360Learning, teams can easily onboard new employees, train customer-facing teams, and develop professional skills–all from one place. Leia mais sobre o 360Learning
O Docebo Learning Platform reúne o LMS empresarial de que você precisa, a experiência de aprendizagem que seus alunos desejam e o poder da inteligência artificial para fazer da aprendizagem sua vantagem competitiva. Leia mais sobre o Docebo
Drive engagement and increase product adoption with interactive online learning experiences. Thought Industries features a suite of powerful, easy-to-use tools that enable organizations to cost-effectively scale their external or customer training programs from a single, robust platform. Leia mais sobre o Thought Industries
LearnUpon works with global organizations who want to make learning a central part of their growth strategy and supports over 1,300 customers worldwide including Zendesk and Gusto. Leia mais sobre o LearnUpon
MarbleFlows automates onboarding process so you can focus on the things that matter the most. Address each user personally with embedded flows in your style and branding. Leia mais sobre o Marble
WorkRamp is the All-in-One LMS that helps modern enterprises onboard and train their employees, customers, and partners. Leia mais sobre o WorkRamp
Brainier LMS is a learning management system which enables users to create individualized learning & training experiences that employees can access anywhere, anytime, & on any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets & smartphones. Brainier LMS features social & collaboration tools, & more. Leia mais sobre o Brainier LMS
Northpass is the learning platform for mid-sized businesses seeking to create and scale learning to customers, partners and employees. Leia mais sobre o Northpass
Eurekos LMS provide a training solution that is a perfect fit for companies, global enterprises and organizations who need extended enterprise (B2B/B2C) channel reach across distributors and end clients, and for internal company employee training solutions. Leia mais sobre o Eurekos
Skilljar is the leading external LMS to drive product adoption, increase net retention, and lower cost to support. The solution accelerates customer onboarding and engagement by enabling multimedia course creation, an intuitive and mobile-responsive learning environment and CRM data integrations. Leia mais sobre o Skilljar Customer Education
O CloudShare é uma plataforma de experiência de aprendizagem que ajuda as empresas a criarem ambientes personalizados para treinamento, teste e certificação de funcionários. Os administradores podem utilizar modelos internos para criar ambientes complexos com cenários reais. Leia mais sobre o CloudShare
Intellek LMS (formerly TutorPro) is a cloud-based, feature-rich, cutting-edge and customizable Learning Management System. The perfect hub to support all of your organization's Learning and Development needs. Leia mais sobre o Intellek LMS
CXcherry is a cloud-based customer training platform designed to help organizations accelerate product adoption and increase customer retention through continuous education and learning programs. The platform allows organizations to deliver customized products, incentives, and resources to customers via email, text messages, or the web. Leia mais sobre o CXcherry
CloudLabs is a virtual lab platform designed for ISVs, EDUs, and organizations for learning and enablement through modern immersive technology experiences. CloudLabs boosts better customer engagement and drives faster prospect generation with hands-on virtual IT labs for Training, POCs, and Demos. Leia mais sobre o CloudLabs
All your help and support resources, easily accessible at the moment of need. No plug-in, no extension, no code. With this context-sensitive, just-in-time tool you can consolidate all your resources, streamline onboarding and deliver the right guidance at the right time. Leia mais sobre o Intellek Deliver
Strigo is a cloud-based customer training platform, which helps businesses improve client onboarding and product adoption processes through digital courses, one-on-one live sessions, and more. It provides several functionality including breakout rooms, progress tracking, GDPR compliance, and group discussions. Leia mais sobre o Strigo

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